veeseo, Hamburg, Germany

Veeseo provides its clients with automatically generated transcripts and keywords for their videos. The data can be automatically integrated into the clients CMS and submitted to search engines like Google to improve the discoverability of our clients video content.

Carmio, Hamburg, Germany

Carmio is the new carpart price matching-website in Germany. By comparing dozens of shops and millions of car parts Carmio enables savings of more than 50 percent, showing always the best price and delivery terms for the searched product. In this way Carmio simplifies the online-shopping experience of car parts for end consumers and garages.

Coding People, Berlin, Germany

Coding People offers a high quality and professional XHTML/CSS markup service at low rates. It converts your webdesign (PSD, PNG...) into cross browser valid XHTML Code. On average within 8 to 24 working hours after ordering!


The Global Card, Paris, France

The Global Card enables brands with global appeal to extend their reach through the issuance of customised payment cards. Those private-label payment cards have specific benefits associated with each brand’s values and customers and can be issued in multiple countries.


Tolingo, Hamburg, Germany

By combining expert knowledge and innovative vision, tolingo have created a unique online translation agency that marks a new era in the translation industry. tolingo's global translator network and online system not only ensure high quality but also cut out bureaucracy for a much faster and more efficient service.

Smaato, San Mateo, USA

Smaato Inc. is an ad-enabler for mobile phones, pioneering with its mobile advertising platform SOMA™ (Smaato Open Mobile Advertising) for the delivery of targeted mobile advertising. Smaato is partnering with international brands, advertising agencies, media companies, carriers and software developers for its cutting edge mobile advertising platform.


Linqia, Barcelona, Spain

Linqia is the world’s first online community and group aggregator and meta search engine. It has the largest directory of online communities and groups worldwide. Through the Linqia Community and Group Profile, you can immediately determine if an online community or group is a perfect fit for you. Linqia easily connects you to any online community or group that feed your passions, share your interests and fit your needs.

mediaclipping, Bremen, Germany

Mediaclipping developed an innovative tool, that allows automated keyword search in radio and TV almost in real-time. The functionality of mediaclipping - also referred as audioclipping- is similar to pressclipping in print media.

Fishlabs, Hamburg, Germany

Fishlabs is one of the true leading developers of premium 3D mobile games for Java™ and BREW™ handsets. Thanks to the high-performance, platform-independent games engine ABYSS®, FISHLABS’ titles offer outstanding mobile game experience on a broad range of handsets.  

jobleads, Hamburg, Germany

JobLeads is a unique internet platform, that allows recruiters to efficiently capitalize on the large potential of job referrals for hiring professionals with a yearly income > EUR 40,000. With JobLeads recruiters can motivate their proprietary trusted contacts as well as established real networks to assist in the identification of qualified candidates.

MGM-Models, Hamburg, Germany

MGM Models is one of the leading model agencies in Germany, serving only the highest standards in model management for image campaigns, magazines, TV, etc.

2005 / 2006

weblin (zweitgeist), Hamburg, Germany

Weblin makes you and others on the Web visible as small Avatars. There are others on the same page you are on right now. Weblin opens a new and exiting world on every website. Get to know people having the same interests.

cellity, Hamburg, Germany

cellity is a piece of software for download onto your cellphone. You make phone calls just as before - and cellity saves you a packet on call costs. cellity routes your calls abroad to the lowest priced available routes in seconds. This could be your own tariff’s route if this is competitively priced, or the alternative, lower cost cellity route.

sofatronic, Hamburg, Germany

sofatronic is a developer of new interactive TV technologies. Based in Hamburg, the company was founded at the beginning of 2006. Besides its founders, the creative team includes video and animation specialists, game designers and programmers, and traditional game developers - all with industry experience.

iHaiku, Munich, Germany

music & fun downloads for kids. iHaiku offers audio stories and music especially for kids. There will be special iHaiku mp3-players with pre-installed content in the shops but the service and content can also be downloaded online to every normal mp3-player.

NanoRepro, Marburg, Germany

Established in January 2006 NanoRepro develops a diagnostic kit to test male fertility. This home fertility test (Fertilcheck) is planed to be launched onto the market in 2008. Secondly NanoRepro will offer the cryoconservation of adult stem cells as a service to its customers. In order to do that the company is collaborating with the Fraunhofer Institut of biomedical technologies guaranteeing for highest scientific and quality standards.

creative weblogging, Palo Alto, USA

Creative Weblogging is the blog network for the discerning consumer and professional. A blog media network which is the source of information for over 2 million readers with more than 8 million page impressions every month.

HIGH-DEF Technology
, Hamburg Germany

HIGH-DEF Technology is a leading provider of integrated networked-home solutions for the digital home. HIGH-DEF focuses on software products, total solutions based on soft-/hardware and related project-services for custom home-entertainment and home automation installations.

Kinkaa, Hamburg, Germany

Kinkaa is a travel search engine that makes finding the best prices for your travel simple. Kinkaa your travel budget and travel better and cheaper. Kinkaa is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and currently provides its search engine in the US and Germany. It plans to launch in several other European and Asian markets in near future.